"SPRING-SUMMER DELIVERY I 2024" is a new season from DAFF that opens with a collection of light and comfortable clothes that are already familiar to you, which will be an important reason to update your spring wardrobe. 

The collection includes short skirts, cotton trench coats, long silk coats, dresses, cotton and linen shirts, patterned suits, and denim items. 

A special emphasis of this collection is the exclusively cast jewelry brass, which will perfectly complement your spring look. Pendants in the form of a bottle and a crushed circle, earrings, as well as the well-known pin will successfully emphasize your style and add a special accent.

The accessories in the new collection are complemented by thin genuine leather belts that can be worn with dresses, jackets, and used in other ways to style your look. 

DELIVERY I by DAFF is a combination of elegance and comfort, suitable for both everyday and special occasions. 

The brand invites all connoisseurs of clothing and beauty to get acquainted with this unique collection and feel like a part of our brand's history.