Handmade scented candle.

Top: Sparkling Kumquat, Verbena, Cassis.

Heart: Hydrangea, Lavender, Fig, Red Currant.

Base: Fir Needle, Black Tea, Warm Amber.



Ingredients: natural soya wax, natural perfume oil.

Type of aroma: citrus, fresh, floral, fruity, berry, pine.

Weight: 250 g.

Burning time: 50 hours.

Colour: brass.


To prevent fire and injury keep out of reach from pets, children, curtains and free from foreign material like wick trimmings. Always burn candle on even heat resistance surface and never leave unattended. Never move a lit candle and avoid exposure to drafts.

Trim wick to 5-6mm. before lighting. Don't burn for more than 4 hours at a time.

When you light a candle for the first time, it is important that it burns until the wax melts evenly over the entire surface of the candle, right up to the edge. This can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours depending on the size and material of the candle.

Caution: Container will become hot to touch towards end of use. Stop burning when 15-20mm. of wax remains, to prevent container and surface heat damage.

Store in cool dry place below 25°C away from direct sunlight.